Saturday, February 19, 2011

Faith, Community, New Experiences

My beliefs can pretty easily be lumped into the 'Pagan' category. I consider myself to be something of an eclectic kitchen witch, with interests in Trad Wicca, and no real structure to how I practice my beliefs. (If you want to know more details, feel free to ask).

I've been thinking about my lack of structure, though. I'm a social person, and I like community. I used to help run my school's pagan society, and that was great. I made some very close friends and we would celebrate our shared holidays together, and I loved that.

My solo practice is not well defined. I have little space to set up a working altar or shrine, so I keep a little statuette of Quan Yin with a candle on my desk. But, for me, I find the lack of community and structure means I let the formal aspects of recognizing my faith and taking the time to consider it often falls to the wayside.

So, in the spirit of enhancing my commune with others, I've been thinking about attending the local Unitarian Universalist church. They have a diverse congregation and I've talked to a number of pagans who enjoy UU services, as they're generally quite generalistic.

It's a thought. I don't know if I will, and if I do, it probably wouldn't be a weekly thing.

Ponder, ponder, ponder...

Wooden Bird

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