Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interviews and Hats

I'm taking a field methods class for my social anthropology major at the moment. We currently have an assignment due that involves interviewing people. So, that's what I did tonight! I interviewed a friend of mine about World of Warcraft. I'll be interviewing my roommate soon about why he plays other online games but NOT WoW. I figured that would be a cute theme to design some interviews around.

I am not looking forward to transcription. I'm going to get started on that soon, actually, because transcription itself can take a while. I'll get on that after my first glass of wine for the night. In the meantime, I'm working on a knitting project that I want to finish in the next couple days so I can give it to the recipient.

Also, I forgot to post a picture of my awesome hat! This is the same project that is in that picture a few posts ago about choosing between my paper or my knitting. It looks great!

And it's so WARM, which is awesome.

I have noticed it's started to stretch a little bit, but it's still cozy on my head, and I don't think it'll go any further than it is now.

You can see more pictures of it on my project page on ravelry.

Wooden Bird

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