Monday, February 21, 2011

Minimilize and Feel Good

I have a lot of crap.

Well, I wouldn't call it crap necessarily, but you know. Stuff. Lots of stuff.

A lot of it is clothes. That I don't wear. Like sweaters and boleros and shirts that don't fit me quite right, and they look a little weird on me, but they're perfectly good! I can't throw out perfectly good clothing! Right?

Well, sort of.

I've started going through my clothes every month or so and reassessing what I'm wearing and what I haven't touched in months. I do this every so often because some months, I'll think, 'Well, I might wear that for such-and-such coming up' or something similar, and of course, I don't.

So I've started filling garbage bags with shit I don't wear. This is a big step for me - I still have clothes from when I was an early teen. I can be a bit nostalgic.

The thing is, near where I live is a donation box for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It's right on the way to school, actually. So every couple months, when I have a full or mostly full bag, I go and throw it in there. I do this as soon as I can, to stop myself from going back into the bag and saying 'welllll, maybe I will wear this after all.'

So far, I haven't regret any of it. So far, I don't actually remember what I've gotten rid of. How's that for a sign that I have too many clothes? I haven't missed anything I've donated, and I get to feel good about providing perfectly good clothes to people who need them. Because most of them are in nearly-new condition. I take really good care of my clothes, so aside from a little unavoidable pilling and things like that, I don't tend to wear through my clothes quickly. Also, the fact that I have so many.

I've also stopped buying clothes new, mostly. I bought myself a pretty red dress for my birthday last November, but that's my only new-clothes purchase since August.

I've knit a lot of hats in the meantime... but really, you can always use more hats. :-P

Anyway. Think about it! Maybe go through your clothes and find that stuff that you just don't wear and probably never will because it looks a little off on you, or you just don't have anything to wear it with. Someone will appreciate it. Don't justify it by saying "it's too dressy to just give away", either. People in need also have things like school dances or job interviews that they should have the opportunity to look good for.

Wooden Bird

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