Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I do...

Sometimes I procrastinate.

For instance, at this moment, I should be writing an abstract for a class. It's not due until next Thursday, but I have a 4 page paper due that day, too, and I still have to actually do the readings for that, so I figure I should get on the abstract now, so I have time to work on the paper.

However, I am not writing an abstract. I am online, doodling around facebook and Armor Games, reading asofterworld comics, and listening to the Canadian Songwriters station on - which, I might add, is a fantastic station. You should listen to it sometime. Right now, for instance, before you forget to.

I'm not only doing wasteful things with my time, though. I made a banana and orange plate for my love, with melted baker's chocolate drizzled over top. For myself, I added a bit of caramel syrup, as well. ;-)

I'll get the abstract done before I go to bed. Sometimes I just wish I was a little more disciplined. I would probably get more sleep and be a little less stressed out if I did!

Wooden Bird

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