Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things I Would Like

I know I make all these claims about wanting to be more minimalistic and stuff, but there are some things that would just be really awesome to have. For instance:
  • Interchangeable circular knitting needle set. These things are awesome. They're like, eighty bucks at the cheapest, but that's still a lot cheaper than buying a circular needle in every size and length for everything you might ever knit in the round. And I knit a lot of stuff in the round. And I want one so bad, so that I can knit sweaters and hats and shawls to my heart's content! Sigh.
  • Hot water bottle. This one's a little more realistic. My back is often sore. I would love a hot water bottle. I would knit a cozy for it. It would be phenomenal and warm and made of awesome.
  • Better storage for my knitting supplies. That's a space issue more than a "something I want" issue.
You know, I really thought that this list would be longer. I'm quite impressed with myself. Yay!

Wooden Bird 

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