Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best Night (If a Short Night) and Milk Woes

So, last September, one of my two closest friends in the world (my Sweetie notwithstanding) moved to England, for the fun of it. I actually didn't get a chance to see her either, before she left. My Love and I had been in Ontario for two weeks at the end of August/beginning of September, so I hadn't seen her since mid-August.

She got back to Canada last week, and last night was the first time I've seen her in six months! There was a lot of crying. We were planning to go out dancing, but my Sweetie and and I called it an early night - I have almost no money, he wasn't feeling well, I had to work today and didn't want to be super tired and hungover, and I have a lot of homework (that I'm not doing, oops), so it was probably for the best.

But it was awesome to see her! I missed her so much. A lot of the time, it feels like we share a brain, and while she was gone, our group of friends was all really busy and nobody's schedules worked out ever, so I didn't spend a lot of time with any of my other friends. So it's kind of been a lonely 6 months. So it was awesome to see her and spend the time with her and I missed her so much. Which I already said, but it really can't be emphasized enough.

We also got a chance to meet for the first time our friend's boyfriend - who turns out to be in one of my classes! So now I can put a face to the anecdotes he gives in class about him and his girlfriend - because his girlfriend has been a friend of mine since second year, go figure.

School is over in a few weeks, and I have a tonne of work to do in the meantime, and I need to get my ass in gear about it, but then it will be done and I can relax. I just need to get a fire lit under my butt and get shit done, and that's the hard part. I redid my calendar with adjusted due dates and timelines, and it actually doesn't look as scary as it did before, so, that's good! But it means I run the risk of not doing the work I need to do. Of course.

In the next week, I have a presentation, a comparative book review, and a critical analysis of a social theory all due, two on the same day. I also work today and tomorrow, so I have to get the stuff done when I can.

I also need to buy milk, because apparently, we went thorugh a 4 litre jug of milk in three days. WTF? When my Love and I get our own place, it's going to be weird to adjust to the extended period of time that things like milk and cheese last us. Milk and cheese are kind of communal foods in our apartment. There are six of us, and it would be ridiculous for there to be four or five jugs of milk in the fridge, so we generally just accept that somebody will buy it when it's out, and sometimes it's you and sometimes it's me, and in the end it all works out, more or less. But yeah, when it's just him and me, it's going to be weird to have a jug of milk last two weeks. I should make a note to buy the jugs with the longest due date, at least until we get a feel for how much milk we actually use - which I don't think is a whole lot. He's the only one who drinks it as a beverage, usually (unless there are cookies involved, then I'll join in) and he only does that once in a while, when he gets a real craving for it. And we don't eat cold cereal. We splash a little milk in our oatmeal to moisten it and cool it a bit. Coffee is pretty much what we use it for. It will be interesting to see, anyway.

Anyway, this is probably not a very interesting post for most people, so I'll stop rambling about milk...

Wooden Bird

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