Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cough Cough Cough, While I Write This Post

I have been so sick in the last while; it sucks.

I was sick just after Reading Week, and just as I was starting to get better, I got this chest-cold thing tht my roommate had. So now I spend all my time coughing my lungs out and listening to my chest rattle away. It's the kind of cough that won't shake loose any of the fluids, either, but I can tell they're there. It's making me pretty miserable.

But, on the bright side, we finished watching Season 1 of Stargate: Atlantic last night. I love that show, and I haven't watched it in ages. It's so campy and fun, though. And everyone's so cute and pretty on it. Lots of eye candy! In the next couple days, we'll probably finish Season 2 of Buffy, as well, so I'm looking forward to that! My Sweetie hasn't seen either of these shows before, so it's fun to expose him to my geekery, haha.

I'm working on a purpley spinning project that I'm trying to come up with a name for... Grape? Vino? Purple-Durple? I'm attempting a sort of fractal thing with it. Since it wasn't one large strip of fibre with a dyed repeat, I'm forcing a repeat into it. I recieved it as a bag with three colours of fiber in it, in 1 ounce lumps. So, I divided each lump more or less equally in half (I have no scale), and set them apart from each other for each ply. For the one ply, I tore each colour into two strips, so I'd have two longish repeats of dark purple, fuschia, pinkish. For the other ply, I separated them into four strips, so I'd have twice as many repeats of the same sequence. I'm hoping this will have a fractal effect, but as I've never tried fractal spinning before, I'm not sure how it will go! Pictures when I have them!

Now I need to write a presentation that I have to cough through later today. Bleh.

Wooden Bird

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