Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long Day. Long long long.


I am beat.


I tell you!

Yeah. I had my first training session at Sobeys today. This job is going to be a breeze once I get the hang of the cash register, which won't take long, I'm sure.

I have another training shift on Thursday evening, an orientation/paperwork shift on Saturday, and then another training shift next Tuesday. Not bad hours for not doing any real work, considering I get paid for all that time.

In other news, apparently the paycheque fiasco in the A/V department from last Friday is not resolved - for me, anyway. For some reason, I'm pretty much the only person who DIDN'T get cut a cheque to make up for the missing paycheque on Friday. Wtf? Not impressed. I'm going to talk to my manager tomorrow, and figure out what the deal is.

Because, really. This is stupid. I'm living on a student budget. I don't have some magical store of money I can use to pay my bills with when my manager screws up and I don't get paid. So, I take a hit to my credit score because my phone bill payment is late, and I get to skimp on groceries and eat poorly, all because my manager forgot to send payroll my hours.

Yeah... I don't think so. I know Nova Scotia has shitty labour laws to begin with, but they honestly can't get away with this. And if they're going to put up a stink about it, I'm not going to stick around. 3.5 hours a week is not enough to buy my loyalty.

Far from it.

So not impressed.

Wooden Bird

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