Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My First Etsy Listing

So, for the past little while, I've been trying to get an Etsy shop together. I want to sell my handspun and small handknits through it, in an attempt to at the very least, support my fibre habit. If I can manage to pay a phone bill with it, too, that would be lovely, hah.

Anyway, I have a few hats ready to go up; I just need to photograph them nicely. A friend of mine offered to model them for me, but it's a matter of finding time we both have for that. I'm thinking of getting a mannequin head to help with that, as well.

But in the meantime, I took that yarn I mentioned in my last post, and listed it. I looked around Etsy for a while, taking stock of what other people were listing their handspun for, and I tried to price it at what seemed reasonable, and what I might consider paying for handspun yarn, were I in a financial setting that I could afford such luxuries.

So, we'll see where that takes me! It would be nice to sell it - I would feel really proud of myself. I'd like to eventually be able to spin and sell yarn regularly, as a supplementary income source. My boyfriend and I have talked about it, and he thinks it would be smart for me to eventually get a wheel to spin with, so I could be more productive, if I want to spin for income. He's such an enabler, haha. I love him for it, too.

In any case, you can see it here, if you'd like to take a peek. :-)

Wooden Bird

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