Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Am So Sick of Rain!!!

Really, I miss the sun. Go away rain! Yuck.

Going to go meet someone for coffee in about an hour, and the rain is going to make the walk really gross. Yuck.

Started my first pair of socks! Not yuck.

Anthropology conference next week! Excited. Wee!

I have a couple of things to list on Etsy, but need some sun to come out so I can photograph them! Jeez, sun, you're ruining my business!

Started spinning the Jacob - I think it'd make a really nice hat when I'm done with it? We'll see if there's enough.

And, in uber-yuck news: the election results have pretty much trampled my spirits. I'm sad for my country and scared for what Harper has in store for us. Some dark days ahead, friends. Some very dark days are ahead.

Wooden Bird

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