Monday, October 3, 2011

Bra-ptions (Get it? Bra... options... bra-ptions)

Sometimes, I do not wear a bra. And I don't mean that sometimes, when I am vegging out at home, I don't wear a bra. I mean sometimes I decide I don't want to wear a bra and then I go to classes and work and people stare at my nipples. But that's cool. I totally own it.

And sometimes, I definitely do wear a bra.

Here are some reasons that I choose to wear or not wear a bra.

  • If it's really hot and muggy, I'll probably wear a bra, because underboob sweat is worse when they're just hanging there (at least at my cup size. If I was an A or a small B, it probably wouldn't be as much of an issue... but as a large C, there's a lot of "underboob").
  • If it's kinda hot but not that sticky out, I probably won't wear a bra, because it's one less layer of clothing to make me uncomfortably warm.
  • If I'm going for a bike ride, sometimes I won't wear a bra, and then I'll regret it and wish I had, especially if the path I'm taking is particularly bumpy.
  • If I know I'm going to be dealing with old men all day, I'll wear a bra.
  • If I'm just hanging out on campus all day, fuck the bra.
  • If I'm going out dancing or something, I'll wear a bra because a) the excessive bouncing and movement hurts when there's this much boob, and b) drunk me is not likely to notice if I pop out of my shirt, and having a bra on is one more way to ensure that my areolas don't go galavanting around town
  • There are some shirts I have that just look bad if I don't wear a bra, so when I wear them, I wear a bra. (But, I have been known to wear white shirts without a bra, and low cut shirts without a bra.)

I guess I just really don't care about people seeing my boobs. I'm a semi-nudist at home already, and I'm kind of a hippie and think people should feel more comfortable about their bodies. So, I try to actually take that and apply it to myself, and I generally am pretty comfortable with my body. Also, I have a bit of exhibitionist in me and I get a kick out of seeing people's eyes widen when they spot my nipples through my shirt.

I am a horrible person, and now you know way too much about my bra wearing habits!

You're welcome,

Wooden Bird

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