Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I love the Capucine hat... I totally adore it. I've knitted it twice.

The first time in some green worsted weight from Lismore Sheep Farm:

Sorry for the crappy photo, it's the only one I ever took of it

Unfortunately I lost that one! I was so sad when I realized. I think it fell out of my bag or something. I guess somebody out there needed it more than me, and I do hope it kept their noggin warm and that they appreciated it. It was a touch small though.

The second time I knitted it, I knitted it for my mother for her Christmas present. She didn't like it and told me she was going to give it away. She used this as an excuse to mention how poorly I understood her, and that she thought I knew her style better. Whatever. There's a reason she and I don't talk anymore.

*I* liked it, anyway. I should have kept it for myself.
Much nicer in the bulkier yarn.

So! My plan is to find a really gorgeous skein of bulky handspun, and knit myself a new one, because I really love the pattern. My golden shroom is currently my go-to hat because I love how chunky and hippie-ish it looks and I feel like a have so much more hippie cred when I wear it, haha. But I want something else that gives me the same feeling but has a slightly different style. So I can choose which one to wear. A funky, bulky, handspun Capucine is just the thing, I think!

Wooden Bird

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