Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coffee. It's a slippery slope.

I started drinking coffee when I met my ex. It was a good excuse to justify "randomly" bumping into him at the library coffee kiosk.*

When I started drinking coffee, I didn't really like the taste of it, so I would load it up with sugar and cream (18%M.F. motherfuckers. Only way to be; none of this skim crap). (Sorry. I'm normally not that verbally violent. I'm just really passionate about milk fat percentages). Anyway. I would do that.

But over time, I developed a taste for coffee, and even started to be able to discern between "good" and "bad" coffee. For instance:

Tim Horton's coffee: Don't do it. Just drink the hot chocolate. You'll be happier.
Anything that isn't Tim Horton's coffee: Probably a lot better than Tim Horton's coffee (except maybe fast food coffee? Like at McDonald's? You probably don't want to drink that either.)

Right, so I started drinking coffee to better stalk a boy, and then I actually just started drinking coffee for the sake of drinking coffee.

Now, I have a bit of a coffee dependancy. I mean, I can go about my day without drinking coffee even once, and I do it a couple times a week - I just won't have time in the morning to make it or won't think of it (that's how you know it's just a mild dependancy) or whatever, and I'm usually too cheap/broke/self-righteous to buy coffee, etc.

So, no headaches or anything, but by the end of the day I'll be wondering why the hell I was so tired all day, and then it will hit me. Ohhhhh... I forgot to drink my coffee this morning.

I try not to drink coffee past mid-afternoon. We'll make a pot in the french press in the morning (one large mug each plus a bit, or two small cups each) and maaaybe another around lunchtime if we're home. But after that I try to switch to tea. Partially because I don't want to develop a stronger dependancy (my ex was getting migraines for a while when he didn't drink coffee, so we started cutting down then) and partially because I'm trying to train myself to get into a better sleep-wake schedule, and I figure if I switch to tea midafternoon, I'll be more likely to be asleep by 12am so I can getup for 6.30am without feeling like a total zombie.

I'm not sure what the point of this post was, so I'll just make up a moral.

The moral of the story is that if you start drinking coffee to stalk a boy, it will become a central part of your life, and you better get used to paying upwards of 15$ for decent coffee or get used to a lifetime of the gutrot that comes along with shitty coffee.

Wooden Bird

*My university's main library has an atrium that extends the height of the building. The stacks are located on the upper floors against the outer four walls of the building and there is open studying space (tables and chairs, outlets) in the hallways that surround the hole in the centre of the building that the atrium creates. The walls here are made of glass, so you can look down from your desk and see the people downstairs in the main floor atrium. You can see the coffee kiosk, the deli kiosk, etc. So, I would camp out on the second floor, where I could get a good view of the Second Cup, and I would wait until I saw my ex show up in line for coffee, and then I would run down to get a coffee and "bump into him". It worked well enough, all things considered...

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