Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Cats are Freaking WEIRD...

Warning, this post talks about cat poop, cat pee, and the handling of such offensive materials. If that grosses you out, well... go somewhere else?

So, my cats love watching me clean the litterbox. They are just utterly fascinated by it... they just watch with this look on their faces asking "WHERE DID ALL THE POOP GO YOU ARE MAGIC?!"

Anyways. So I was cleaning the litterbox today... and as soon as I get all the old gross stuff into the garbage bag, and some fresh litter into the pan, Freddie is super excited and hops in and pees... Okay, that's fairly normal.

But Karl... Karl made it weird...

He watched her very intently while she peed, and then when she finished and turned around to start covering it up, he began to help her. He started pawing at the litter and trying to cover it up, too.

A) There isn't a lot of space between the toilet and the vanity, which is where the litterbox is. One cat takes up plenty of room, so this was an awkward dance of two cats trying to copver up one little pee in a tight space.

B) WTF, Karl?! Are you really that weird?

I adopted freak cats. Go figure.

Wooden Bird

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