Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Something's Gotta Give (And It Can't Be Us)

I fully support the Occupy [________] movement, and I really want to see it create change in our societies. Canada needs the overhaul almost as much the States does. This is an important movement, and it needs to happen.

I'm worried though. Something's gotta give at some point, and if the movement is to make a difference, it can't be us. We've got to stick it out. Because if we quit while we're ahead, we'll screw ourselves over. They'll take it as proof that we're just a bunch of lazy hippies, and look, we got bored and are going back to our lives as lazy hippies.

Don't do it! Don't let them win! We're wearing them down, we're making our point, we CAN make a difference if we just stand our ground!

The Occupy Halifax stuff is in its planning stages right now, and as soon as that gets under way I'll be there with bells on, too. I wish I could be supporting with physical presence already, but I don't have the means for travel. So I'm waiting for it to come here, and it is on its way.

I know we can do it. We can create change, we can demand better for ourselves and our communities and our futures. We deserve it - but we won't get it if we dissipate now. We can't let it go until they give in. It's a tug of war at this point, and we have to keep tugging it (hah).

I'm so proud of everyone who's fighting for this. You have all my support. I'll be with you on the front lines soon.

Truth, Love, Beauty, and Equality. We deserve all of it. We can reclaim it.

Wooden Bird


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