Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stars In My Eyes, Knitting On My Needles

I feel sad again. But when don't I these days? I am sorry to be such a downer.

I'm knitting a little capelet for my halloween costume (I'm going as a porcelain doll). I bought huge bulky yarn to make it. That's exciting.

I should be knitting the arm warmers my friend commissioned from me. :-/

I started knitting a thong because that is just hilarious.

I saw my favourite band today, sort of. They were originally scheduled to do a free performance downtown, but had to move the location, because they were scheduled in the place where the occupy protest is happening. So they moved to an indoor venue, and because of that, they had capacity problems. So I wasn't able to get into the official show, which is kind of a bummer.

But! They came out and played a couple of acoustic songs in the parking lot of the venue for us! While the openers were still playting inside. So they played three songs, one of which is pretty much my favourite by them, and I was like, four feet from Torq and Amy. How awesome is that?

I thought that was pretty cool of them, a bit of a pity show for those of us who couldn't get in. I hope I get to see them play properly sometime again though. I saw them for my birthday a couple years ago, and that was awesome.

Back to work. Or trying to get work done, anyway. Sigh.

Back to sad.

Wooden Bird

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