Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surprised By Mrs. Darcy

Absolutely ages ago, I put the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan in my que on Ravelry and then left it there with lofty hopes of someday taking the plunge into actual garments.

Well, as anyone with a cardigan fetish as lusty as mine knows, Mrs. Darcy was eventually taken away from the free pile, because it was getting reworked and published in a book. Great for the designer... boo for me!

Anyway, flash forward to now, when I am getting more interested in design and garments and finally started the sweater plunge (see the previous post about the blue sweater) and I placed Knits That Fit on hold at my local public library (I know! People still use those?!).

Well, I hadn't even thought about what was in the book. It sounded like it would be a good resource to read through...

And lo an behold, guess what's tucked up inside that book?

Mrs. Darcy! I'm so excited. I can't knit her for a while because I've got 8 billion other things I'm supposed to be doing (like working on my thesis, and not blogging) but I will get her done. At some point. Before spring, that's my deadline, my goal. I would love to have Mrs. Darcy knitted for the spring. Not in yellow, though. Yellow makes me look jaundiced. And I've got a brick red cardigan planned (yarn and everything hiding in my closet from the kittens!). I have a green cardigan (albeit, store bought) that I wear all the time, so maybe a jewel blue? Oooh.... something turquoisey? That would probably look really awesome...


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