Monday, October 10, 2011


We had our Thanksgiving potluck last night; we know a bunch of people (ourselves included) who can't make it home or don't have anybody to spend Thanksgiving with, so we had a potluck for all of us outcasts.

It went off really well! Lots of good food, good company, and everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

I tend to celebrate Thanksgiving as an excuse to have a feast with friends - not because I support its origins. I'm not a fan of walking into somebody else's house and telling them I live there now and they have to play by my rules, and that's basically where Thanksgiving comes from, except on a continental scale (literally).

So, keep in mind when you're sharing your time with friends and family this Thanksgiving the true history behind it. Don't let it ruin your time with your loved ones; any excuse to be communal is a good excuse, but don't let the truth fade away and mean nothing. Recognizing it is important.

Happy feasting, folks!

Wooden Bird

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