Friday, October 7, 2011

Things to Consider Before Getting Pets

Most of these can apply to babies, as well, so this is like two posts in one...

I am going to preface this by saying I am not a dirty person. I maybe don't tidy as often as I should, but I'm not dirty. Even with regular cleaning, the following things happen when you have pets (or babies), because shit happens while you're at work and school, and you can't spend your whole life cleaning. This is the main issue. If you relaly can't stand the following issues, then you really shouldn't have a pet.

  • Poop. Does the idea of handling another being's poop gross you out? Don't get a pet. Or a baby.
  • Nice things. Do you like having them? Don't get a pet, they will just knock them over and then hide from you behind the couch so you can't even punish them. Babies are expensive enough that you won't be able to afford nice things.
  • A fresh smelling house. Do you want one? Don't get a pet. Your house will smell like whatever animal you have, litter (which, no matter how often you clean, will from time to time smell like poop, particularly right after they do so), bedding for small rodents (and wet bedding when you're inbetween cleaning). This one doesn't really apply to babies, especially if you regularly coat them in baby powder. But they can smell like poop sometimes.
  • A clean/tidy house. Same problem as above. Fur everywhere (rugs, carpets, furniture...). Toys everywhere. Things knocked over. Clawed furniture. Pet food scattered all around the food bowl. Litter tracked the bathroom/litter area. For babies, it's pretty much just toys and stuff everywhere.
  • Clean clothes! You will forever be covered in fur. Especially if you have cats. Get used to being that person. I hope this isn't an issue with babies, honestly...
  • The appendages of a self-mutilating emokid. This mostly applies to cats or rodents. Maybe birds (I haven't had a bird so I don't know). They will attack you when you least expect it, and their claws and teeth are effing sharp. You will be constantly covered in little red scrithy marks. They hurt. Baby teeth hurt, too!
  • Unfaltering companionship, love, and cuddles almost anytime you want them. If you like those things, then you definitely should get a pet. It really does make up for all the other stuff...
Wooden Bird 

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