Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Loooong Weekend!

See what I did there? I put four 'o's in 'long' because I have a four day weekend! Woo! Starting tomorrow! Thursday we get as a "study day", and then Friday for Remembrance Day, and then Sat/Sun as usual.

It's already filling up though! Here is my long weekend so far:  

  • Draft film review for post-humanism class
    • You should totally check out this documentary, by the way, it is mind blowing. It probably will be nothing like you thought it would be
  • Finish Caelan's Xmas gloves
  • Cheap wings at the dive of a sports bar, as per usual Thursday night ritual. Possibly talk about Marx's Das Kapital with other nerds.
  • Movie+Wine date with a snappy gal
  • Draft thesis proposal to send to my supervisor by Sunday at the latest
  • Do readings for violence/suffering class
  • Start reading the last ethnography for post-humanism class
  • Cast-on the front of Ex's Xmas sweater (hah! the Ex-Mas sweater. Oh my.) Yeah, that's been on hold. I haven't done anything on it since I bound off the back panel. Oops!
  • Movie and then dancing downtown with the besties
  • Draft ethics proposal
  • Catch up on leftover readings
  • Nothing Planned Yet But Knitting! Whew
Otherwise, things I have done recently:

  • Almost finished my knitted thong, just have to thread through some ribbon (there is no way in hell I'm knitting that much i-cord. I have much more pressing matters at hand).
  • Almost finished my capucine! Oh my god! It's awesome, I love it so far. It just needs tassells and it will be done! Woo! ITS MADE WITH ALPACA SO SOFT OMG
  • Finished Liam's mittens almost completely. Just the embroidery detail left.
  • Presented in my violence/suffering class today. It was depressing. My presentation was about Kimberly Rogers.
  • Started knitting Sagittaria for me (because I totally need one more thing on the needles. Like a hole in the head, I swear.) But it's for me! I never knit for me.
I am sure there are more things that I accomplished recently, but I am exhausted. Blah. Luckily there is free Kraft Dinner being given away tonight as part of a protest of ridiculous tuition fees. It is being done across the street from the big ol' premier's dinner thing held at a snooty hotel. Basically, we are saying "Hey, you want to cut education funding 3% the same year you remove a tuition freeze, which hikes OUR tuition 3%? Look, while you eat your fancy meal that is probably in the thousands of dollars of catering, we will eat Kraft Dinner in front of you. Because that's all we can afford. We can't even afford to PAY for Kraft Dinner, we have to get it for free from a protest because school is that freaking expensive. Jerks."

Seriously, it's amazing what a free bowl of Kraft Dinner can symbolize.

Wooden Bird


  1. I love that you included downtime things on your lists.

  2. You gotta include the downtime, too! If I didn't, I'd never cross anything off my lists, ;). And it reminds you that your day isn't all work, and that there's something to look forward to!