Saturday, November 5, 2011

Next Stop, Korea! (Actually, a few stops from now, whatevs)

Not sure if I mentioned this before, and honestly, I'm kind of lazy so I can't be bothered to search through old posts.

Anyhow, I've decided to put grad school off for a year or two (which is a sigh of relief in its own right because I don't have to mess around with applications and application fees and rejection this year) and instead go teach english in Korea. Cheap cost of living, getting to see another country without having to finance it myself, getting some space between myself and the giant mess my life has turned into here in Canada... all while actually getting to pay down some student loans! Sounds good to me. And I can take my cats, as far as I know. (Who have been little shits lately, thanks for asking. So, actually, I'll be taking them if I don't strangle them first.) Korea seems to have a really reasonable pet import policy, so as long as I get them vaccinated and microchipped before leaving.

I'm leaning towards the EPIK programme through TeachAway, as I've heard some good things about it and it's contracted by the Korean government, which I guess makes me feel a little better than a random agency (although I know people who have had excellent experiences with random agencies).

Also, I read somewhere on the internet that Korea's winters are bitterly cold, which means I can still rock out knitting! I wasn't sure if I would be stuck subtropical or something. I'm glad to hear that I can still wear knit clothing and sweaters without looking like a weirdo or melting.

So, that's next year. I'm aiming for leaving as close to August as possible, depending on how the contract works itself out. Should be fun times!

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