Friday, November 4, 2011

Pay Day = Fibre Day!

I shouldn't be allowed near a computer or LYS on payday...

I ordered a pound of spinning fiber from Flannelberry Fibres (half a pound of Canadian Clun Forest, and half a pound of Fine Shetland, neither of which I've spun before and am excited to try) and bought 50g of merino/silk in a gorgeous teal-y colour by Schoppel Wolle from my LYS (The Loop Craft Cafe). I almost bought a zauberball while I was there, but I resisted.

I actually didn't spend all that much though. With shipping and taxes, the fibre from Flannelberry only cost 32-something. The Schoppel Wolle was only 11.50+tax... which I paid for with a reimbursement from my drug plan.

So you know. I've got  stash a-forming... :-)

Wooden Bird

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