Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Week in Accomplishments

  • Finished my capelet in time for Halloween parties
  • Finished my friend's arm warmers
  • Got so drunk I puked on Saturday night (is that an accomplishment?)
  • Worked up the nerve to give a boy from class I've never spoken to my number (via his friend who I've never spoken to before)
  • Only cried two or three times! (That's definitely an accomplishment)
  • Got my post-humanism paper in on time
  • Got my annotated bibliography for my thesis in on time
  • Figured out what I'm going to do for my violence presentation next week
  • Had coffee with an adorable girl
  • Did laundry (and hung it all up to dry)! (you have no idea what kind of an accomplishment that is. I can see my floor)
  • Got my passport application in
  • Had a great Samhain with amazing friends
  • Drank way too much between Friday night and last night
  • Admitted to a friend that I like him (just to get shot down, but whatever. I made a move, that's an accomplishment).
  • Made it to work for every shift
  • Did some things on my own (that rarely happens)

That's my capelet! (I was a porcelain doll)

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