Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Knitting

I'm finished the most pressing holiday knitting - the stuff I absolutely had to have finished by Sunday morning. Go me! Three hats, two pairs of mittens - all for the little nieces and nephews. Next on the list is the sweater for my ex, but he knows not to expect that until after Christmas.  I've offered to help his mum do some of her last-minute Christmas knitting, so that'll be on the docket for the next couple evenings.

It's good to have it done, now I can knit in a more relaxed manner.

Not sure if I mentioned this yet or not, but I finished the Mizzle shawl that I started on the 7th, and while it was supposed to be for me, I'm going to have to try to sell it, I think, with the lack of job stuff and all. So that's too bad.

Anyway.  December has been ... interesting ... so far. I'm ready for next year to get moving though.  I need to get out of this country and on with my life.

Wooden Bird

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