Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exciting Opportunities Await!

A friend of mine who crochets the cutest feotuses (feoti?) sent me a message yesterday.

Apparently, there is a merchant co-op here in town, only a few blocks from my home.  My friend was there yesterday and was talking to them about selling her little crocheted goodies, and she mentioned that I spin yarn, and they were very interested in having me on board, as well!

So - it looks like my friend and I are going to split a cubby in this place, it's only 30$/month, and split that's only 15, which is pretty damn good. With the spinning wheel, I should be able to produce at LEAST one skein of yarn a week, and if I power through a bit, I might be able to produce more to start with.

Speaking of which, last night I spun up half of a 4oz braid of BFL by Fleece Artist that a friend gave me as a gift last term.  I'm trying the fractal method, to see how that turns out.  I'll edit in a picture of the singles later on (I'm at work now) when I have a pic.

So! That's awesome! Hopefully I can make some sales! I have a tonne of fiber to get through, so I should have some stock for the next little while, :)

Wooden Bird

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