Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life, the Universe, and Knitting

So, life's been a little bonkers lately, and the knitting has been a good distraction.

So, first, life stuff: I spoke to my doctor on Friday about starting anti-depressants. Which is scary and big and I know it's stupid, but I have to admit that I feel like I should be stronger.

I know that that's totally not true, I really do, but I feel like after 12 years of dealing with chronic depression (it started when I was around 12) that I would be able to handle it.  I have a lot of coping strategies, they've worked for the past 12 years, I feel like I should be able to handle this.

But with the stress of my thesis and the breakup, which you know, I'm still not over because I'm ridiculous, and becoming more or less estranged from my family, the last two years has turned me into a total mess. So, yeah. Anti-depressants. I plan to start them this coming week. I'll let you know how that pans out.

And this does tie into the knitting.  I've been feeling so overwhelmed with school that I've just been ignoring it (which makes it worse) and I've been having a pretty rough case of insomnia to add to that, so I'm up really late a lot these days (and I'm exhausted, it sucks).  So, I've been knitting and watching Modern Family (which I'm really enjoying).

I knit up a hat for a friend (pictures tomorrow, maybe, no promises) and I'm designing a little cuff/bracelet/thing as well. I'll put the pattern up once I get it right.

I also reorganized my queue on Ravelry. I organized it by month, so I have my projects planned out from April to December. At least, theoretically. Everything else in my queue, I plunked into a "next year" folder.

The problem is I also have a growing stash problem (not helped by a recent eBay frenzy), and I want to try to knit through that before buying more yarn than I have plans for. First world problems, eh?

Wooden Bird

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