Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taking Stock

So, every year, I sort of take stock of my life.  I do this by comparing my life to my mother's when she was my age.  If you know my mother, this might seem a little dramatic, but it makes me feel better about my life!

For example, I could look at my life and say...

"Wow. I'm under-employed; I can only just afford to pay my rent and groceries, but I still spend too much on booze; I waste more time than I care to admit on facebook or asleep; my personal relationships are all over the place; I eat more than my grocery bill can afford or my lack of exercise can maintain (where the hell did these most recent 5lb come from godsdamnit?) and I post way too many pictures of my cats on Twitter."

Which, you know.  Is pretty depressing if you think about it.

OR! I can look at my mother at 24 and look at me at 24 and say.

"I am not a highschool dropout; I am not a divorced, single mother of two; I haven't been married to a physically abusive husband; I haven't tried to kill myself; AND I have a B.A. in honours social anthropology (during which I designed and carried out a research project on my own)."

Which is WAY BETTER than the first one. I'm basically winning at my family when I look at it this way. (I'm also the first of my grandmother's MANY biological grandchildren [the woman had 7 kids] to achieve a university degree! That's success, right there!)

Perspective, baby.

I do need to start exercising though, :/ I'm not impressed with the squishy belly.

Wooden Bird 

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