Saturday, March 24, 2012

Catching Up With Technology!

So I finally got myself one of them newfangled smart phones all the young uns have been talking about.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace with the Android OS and it's pretty swank!

Anyway, hopefully this means more posting, more pictures, and more knitting talk. And, yes, I'm well aware that I misused 'hopefully' in that sentence.

Wooden Bird

Ps: this is my 100th post!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pictures! Of Yarn!

I totally remembered I have a couple of skeins of yarn that I haven't posted pictures of anywhere.

These were spun in January, on the laaadddyyyybbuuuugggg!

Fleece Artist BFL that my friend gave me for no reason other than she's an awesome friend. It's kind of thick'n'think but gorgeously smooshy and bouncy. Averaging a heavy worsted.

The jacob spun up so much nicer (to me) on the wheel than it did on my spindle. Not sure why. I think I was adding too much twist with the spindle, it was turning out like wire. Anyway, yeah, this is plain Jacob from flanelberry fibres. Mostly heavy worsted I'd say.

As soon as I have time away from my thesis, I'll be spining a lot more, I promise...

Wooden Bird

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life, the Universe, and Knitting

So, life's been a little bonkers lately, and the knitting has been a good distraction.

So, first, life stuff: I spoke to my doctor on Friday about starting anti-depressants. Which is scary and big and I know it's stupid, but I have to admit that I feel like I should be stronger.

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Been A While

I'm not even going to look at how long it's been since my last post. I know it's been way too long.

Things I have done in the meantime!

Finished Mrs. Darcy!

Did I ever post a picture of my Mizzle, from December? I don't think so... Well, that's the finished one in that picture, with the Mrs. Darcy.

Um, the Mizzle is Kauni in some pretty colourway I can't remember. And the the cardi is KnitPicks City Tweed, in... Romance? I think? Something like that. It's super soft. I really like it...

HOWEVER.  I think this pattern needs a stiffer yarn. It's so soft and drapey and super comfy and cozy, but with the steep V, there's so little fabric hanging off the shoulders that with the soft slippery yarn it slides off my shoulder a lot. I think it might be a nice sweater in a cotton blend maybe?

I dyed my hair pink, as you can see. I did that because I was freaking out about a presentation I did at my school's undergraduate social sciences conference. I presented my ongoing thesis. I was stressin', and so I dyed my hair pink. It's what I do. When I can't change anything else, I change my hair.

I actually really like that picture.

Anyway. Um. What else...

I went to New York City! For the first time ever. It was a whirlwind of two and a half days and we smashed a lot of things into that time and it was exhausting, but the city was pretty awesome. And I saw the Strawberry Fields memorial <3.

I got a research assistant job, although, I'm kind of in limbo waiting to hear back about training, but in any case, it's a research assistant position in my field of study (more or less) which is awesome.

Um. Also, I'm making a doctor's appointment to talk to them about possible medication options for my ridiculous craziness. It's getting pretty bad. So. That might help. Maybe. I don't know, we'll see.

And my thesis is a noose around my neck and a giant raincloud on my horizon ALL THE TIME. I want it to be done, I am feeling so overwhelmed by it, holy smokes.

Not much else in the things that are going on here.

I probably won't post again for a while. Thesis stuff is getting serious and I need to focus on school like crazy.

But I do plan to be more regular about posting once that's all dealt with and done.

Wooden Bird